Home Bar Stools


If you have a bar in your house or have a kitchen counter creating a partition between the kitchen and dining room, it would be a good idea to add some bar stool chairs to make the divide seem like less of a divide and add an extra bit of comfort to your home.

Bar stool chairs are a marriage between a barstool and a tall chair. They have seatbacks, cushioned fabric, leather, or wood seats, and often have armrests. These bar stool chairs are primarily for the home, to add an air of distinction to anyones kitchen counter or home bar, but they also fare well under the rigorous workout in the public bar or restaurant.

A relatively new concept for bar stool design has been the introduction of ergonomics (the science of comfort). Bar stool chairs that you would have in the home boast features such as tilting seats and seatbacks, adjustable height and added cushioning, these features are appearing on more and more bar stools that are being bought for home use.

Another clear benefit of this kind of bar stool in the home is versatility. The height can be adjusted so the kids can use them for doing homework, having dinner, drawing or watching TV and the adults can use them for virtually anything else. Because these are a combination of both chairs and bar stools what you end up with is a more comfortable style of seating that increases the practical uses.

Just like any piece of furniture there are multiple materials that can be used to construct a bar stool chair. The good thing about this is, these bar stools can fit in with any other furniture or any environment. Wrought iron seems to be a popular material, as well as oak, pine, and cherry. You’ll also find a lot of combinations, such as stainless steel or aluminium frames around wood seats and seatbacks.

One good point to look out for is the type and quality of the cushion on the bar stools, this could be a real turning point when you come to decide on the choice of stool. This is especially important if you know the chairs will get a lot of use. Look for such durable fabrics as, vinyl, or thick leather and lots of padding and stuffing on the bar stools to make the long term sitting more comfortable for everyone.

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